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It's a Start

I don't mean to diminish a two game sweep of the best team in the league (and David Price hasn't debuted yet), but the Yankees are not in as great a shape as their play suggests.

The offense has been merely average, ranking 8th in the AL in runs scored, 7th in SLG, and 7th in BB.

Last season they ranked first in runs and SLG, third in BB.

And while I was hoping that the return of Arod and Posada would help jumpstart the offense, that has not been the case.

The Yankees:

April .255/.326/.411

May .275/.339/.424

June .282/.358/.434

July .258/.336/.367

There are signs of improvement there, but no hint of the team that averaged .290/.366/.463 last year.

With our pitching miraculously league average (99 ERA+), an average offense will need divine intervention to reach the playoffs in the AL East.

So what do we do if this is the season's high water mark?