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Sigh...Quick Notes

After a rousing comeback against Toronto the night before, weren't the Yankees finally going to make their run to get five games above .500?  I guess they really don't read the papers or listen to Sport's Talk radio,

How many times did YES replay Giambi's game winning pinch hit two out, two run HR in the bottom of the ninth during tonight's telecast?

I'm starting to get used to David Cone's voice.

Another excellent performance by DR wasted. With this awful bullpen, the Yanks can't afford to give away well pitched games by their starters. Especially to teams that have lost eleven in a row on the road. If you asked me which team would get ten hits and score only one run I would have picked KC----I mean San Diego.

ARod  sure has been hitting in the clutch with the bases empty this year.

Giambi did not swing at that pitch in the bottom of the eighth. Instant Replay baby, OK, not on balls and strikes or anything else except HR's and foul line stuff, but that was a frustrating call. If Melky or ARod can drive in a guy from third with one out, it may not have been an issue.

I sometimes forget how young the Melk. man is.

The new greatest rivalry in Sports is? The Rays vs The Red Sox.

Manny Ramierz got into the fight last night, but it was with the wrong team.

Wang shows why he's not a #1 starter on the staff. His fifth straight poor outing. He's an excellent major league pitcher, but not an ace.

How bad is the bench? Shelly Duncan came in to pinch run for Posada last night.

How bad is the bullpen? No examples, it just sucks,,,

Bobby Abreu should watch replays of Wilkerson's catch last night over and over again.

Will Mike Mussina make the All Star team? No, I'm not drunk.

After Girardi got tossed and the Yanks won 5 in a row I thought he turned a corner, but so far he's been underwhelming to say the least as a manager in pinstripes.