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Location, Location, Location

The Blue Jays waited Joba out, and he certainly didn't help himself.

Fastball 24/46

Slider 7/14

Curve 1/2

Change 0/0

As you can see (if you weren't watching the game) Joba's command wasn't there with any of his pitches.  Especially interesting are the 17 consecutive fastballs he threw to end the second and start the third (19 out of 20 of Joba's final pitches were fastballs).  I imagine that was Molina trying to help Joba find his release point; Ron, did you ever have a catcher do that for you in-game?

Not much we can do but hope he'll be better on Sunday against the Royals.

Tonight, we turn to Yankee win leader Mike Mussina for a must win against Toronto win leader Jesse Litch.