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ESPN's Steve Phillips says the Rays will beat out the Yanks for playoff spot

Baseball Tonight's Steve Phillips said on ESPN yesterday that the Rays will beat out the Yanks for a playoff spot.  Hey, the Yanks have problems for sure, but I hope this is pinned up in the Yankee clubhouse. Yea, the Yanks need some help on their roster, most notably in the pitching department and the Rays will make a run, but to anoint them already in is pretty ridiculous. Let's see where they are in August...

A quick memo to Joe Girardi---the Yanks can't afford to give up games. Sitting Cano, Abreu and Giambi all together was a mistake.

A quick memo to Brian Cashman----sending up Chad Moeller to pinch hit for Rasner is a clue, don't you think?