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Yanks Win! Quick Notes

Pettitte's on a roll. His record stands at 8-5 and we know his history in the second half. Andy seems to pitch better with men on base. 19 scoreless innings and counting...

I will not be growing a moustache in honor of Giambi's streak. Hit a WS winning HR and I'll reconsider.

I'm surprised when Johhny Damon swings at a pitch and doesn't break his bat.

I usually love the way Posada calls pitches. it's a hobby of mine as I watch the game. He made a huge mistake on Griese's 0-2 pitch with runners on second and third with two out in the seventh yesterday. That's not the first time he's called an inside pitch on when it's 0-2 in a big situation. Mussina got burned and it cost us a game. it also cost Giese his game too...

YES must have asked David Cone to perk it up a bit. He's been more enthusiastic covering the games lately. I do like him though. We're stuck with Michael Kay unfortunately. I wish we could start a petition to get him pulled from being the main dude in the booth. It's sad that the # 1 organization has picked a very bland personality to run the show on a multi billion dollar network.

The Rays are staying in this race. They've had numerous fights and arguments with their own teammates as well as with others so it'll be interesting to see during the "dog days" how they handle the pressure of a pennant race. And it's all about their pitching. I was shocked to see Tampa's batting stats reveal them as a middle of the road offensive team with that talent.