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Thaaaa Yankees Lose

7 game win streak snapped (best since 7 straight in September '07).

I just got home from the bar, so my thoughts are limited.

  1. Moose wasn't brilliant, but he pitched well enough to deserve the win.
  2. Boston and Tampa lost, too, so while the Yanks didn't lose ground, they remain 4 games back in the loss column- what I call striking distance with no wiggle room.
  3. So long we start another 7 game win streak tomorrow, we'll be in great shape

Get some sleep and come back swinging for the day game tomorrow, rookie Daryl Thompson makes his major league debut (and we know how well the Yanks have handled new pitchers the last couple of years) against the Replacement Pitcher, Dan Geise.

If Geise can't hack it against an NL offense, we know we're in trouble; on the other hand, even if he's as dominant as he's been his last couple of outings, I don't think I'll sleep much easier.