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Looking Forward to the New Reds

If you're an AL only fan, you might have missed the debut of Edinson Volquez. If you haven't seen him pitch yet, glue yourself to the tv tonight.

This kid is sick, 25 years old with great command of his low-90s heat.  His greatest weapon is a changeup, but I've also seen him throw a curve.

When he was with the Rangers, Volquez was demoted from the AAA/MLB shuttle all the way down to A-ball to work on his control.  Pitching coach Mark Connor had done the same thing before when he worked for Toronto with some guy named Roy Halladay.

Worked again.

So, how did this kid get to Cincy?

He was traded there for MVP favorite, he-of-the-74 RBIs and the .600 SLG, Josh Hamilton. 

If you see only one game this weekend, make this the one.