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Joba Rules! Quick Notes

Joba is turning into the # 1 starter the Yankees desperately need. Today was the first time the training wheels came off as he had more than100 pitches to work with. The results were 1 ER , 4 Hits. 3 BB's and 9 K's in 5.2 IP. He's still waking too many batters, but as he gets more comfortable taking the ball every fiftth day his mechanics should become more fluid.

And he's the type of pitcher that can get out of a bases loaded, no out jam because of that 98 mph heater.

It looked like he finally had that devastating slider we've seen from him as the bridge dude.

Please Joba, don't block home plate with your knee again.

Every HR ARod hits is historic. It's something I don't think we've ever witnessed before. He's only freaking 32 years old. Just think about that for a few minutes while you sip your Fiji water. For the next four years he'll be making Baseball history for every bomb he clobbers. Will it be a distraction?

A memo to the Baseball Tonight crew: You can't steal bases unless you get on base. Idiots. The Yanks have been running like the wind ever since they started to hit better than .220 as a team.

Damon had five SB's in his first 49 games and eight steals in his next  27, when his average rose from .266 to .332

The Melkman stole a run with his swipes of second and third to score on a sac fly by Molina.

Even if they have been beating up on the bad teams in the league, I'll take seven straight any day. Remember when they went into Colorado and SF and lost 5 of 6 on the road last year during inter league play?

Veras goes as his control goes, but he's looking like the real thing.

Cashman does need to pull off a big trade for some pitching and another bench player. Somehow I don't think Sir Ponson is the answer.