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Wanted: Replacement for Ace Starter

Tonight I'm going to Harbor Park here in Norfolk, VA to watch our Tides go to battle with SWB Yankees. In the wake of the Wang injury, I may be watching his replacement--Jeff Karstens, the likely starter.

Karstens  has pitched better than his record would suggest. In fact, had it not been for getting blown up against Pawtucket, he's actually been quite solid.

I'm also eager to see some of our other vaunted talent and judge for myself if we are victims of Yankee hyberbole, or sitting on a gold-mine of real talent. I pray it's the latter.

Assuming the Wang injury is severe enough to warrant a multi-month recovery, I'm curious to see what's floating in the heads of fellow PA'ers regarding a suitable replacement.

If Wang is down for significant time, does it signal a packaging up of unproven talent for a middling, innings eater? Or do we think we can get by with a Karstens, Marquez, or Igawa?

Hughes and IPK are not likely to return until August, so if Wang is down, we will certainly need a replacement. Thoughts?