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Girardi: Wang has 'sprained foot'

From Pete Abe:

“We’re saying it’s a sprained foot,” Joe Girardi said. The manager said the injury was to his foot, not his Achilles tendon or ankle. They would not say whether he had a fracture.

Wang was examined by Dr. John Duggan, one of Houston’s team physicians. He is on his way back to New York and will have an MRI tomorrow.

Wang did not want to meet with the media. But as he left the clubhouse and was taken away on a golf cart, I managed to get two questions in:

Q: How does it feel?

A: “It hurts a lot.”

Q: Do you think it’s bad?

A: “Maybe. I’ll know tomorrow.”

With that, the cart took off.


I hate to speculate here, but I think it's pretty obvious that Wang is going to be out for awhile.  Let's hope for the best, but I would certainly expect a roster move tomorrow or Tuesday.

Note by jscape2000:

Not to cut down on anaconda's speculation, but I was listening to the radio broadcast and Waldman said that there are no medical machines (X-ray, MRI, etc) at the stadium in Houston.
Wang will be examined tomorrow in NYC.