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Joe G. Fails to Impress Me

I'm been disappointed by Girardi so far this season. I was expecting a manager who would pay attention to numbers as well as his gut.  As much as I like Ohlendorf, I wish that Joe G. would take the Farnsworth approach with Ross.

First inning of work: 16.1IP, 15H, 8BB, 7ER, 16K

Subsequent innings: 15.1IP, 23H, 6BB, 14ER, 17K

We've known since the first day of the season that Ohly's secondary pitches are a work in progress, and once big league hitters get a good look at his fastball (as good as it is) they're going to make contact.  I would consider sending him down to Scranton to work on them; then again, in his second inning of work yesterday he threw his secondary pitches more than his fastball.