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Checking in on the Young Guns

Chad Jennings brings us an update on his conversation with Nardi Contreras about a bunch of minor league pitchers.

The two guys who interest me the most (with Cox and Melancon just missing the cut) are Humberto Sanchez and Daniel McCutchen:
Humberto Sanchez
Throwing bullpen sessions, but Contreras said he's not at 45 pitches yet. Forty five is an important number because if the Yankees are going to use Sanchez as a starter, they want him throwing at least 45 pitches before they let him pitch to hitters. If he's a reliever, he can start at 35 pitches. It has been my understanding that Sanchez will work as a reliever, at least that's what I was told this spring, but Contreras made it sound as though that's not set in stone... it sounds like Sanchez could be -- could be -- fairly close to pitching in games.
On Chase Wright and Dan McCutchen I asked if it was possible that one of those two could be with the Triple-A team some time soon. Contreras didn't answer. He instead smiled and said he's going to Trenton tomorrow. Don't know exactly what that means. Might mean something, might mean nothing. Guess we'll find out in the next few days.
Good times.