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Yanks win! Quick Notes

The Yanks come from behind to beat the Twins 6-5 with a 16 hit attack and another very good pitched game from Mike Mussina. Who would have thunk that he'd be 8-4 at this point? After a rocky first inning that wasn't all his fault, he sailed along for the next five.

HP umpire Jerry Meals had a terrible zone yesterday. Burt Blyleven made an interesting observation calling the game for Minny. He said that the newer rotations which send  umpiring crews to both leagues, a pitcher only might see Meals one time for the entire season and will never get a feel for his strike zone. For an established veteran with a great lifetime record, Mussina never seems to get the close call.

The Yankees could have blown this one wide open if it weren't for some weird bounces, line drive outs, double plays, a pick off and Giambi getting thrown out at second base trying to stretch a single into a double after hitting the baggy off the right field wall. When will he ever learn?

Farnsworth gives up another HR. He's been tagged for 8 HR's in 24 IP. Anyone want to do the math on this one? How long will it take for Girardi to give Edwar Ramirez a shot at being his eighth inning set up guy?

What team will take LaTroy Hawkins off our hands?

These maple bats should be considered lethal weapons.

Cashman has put together another bench filled with deadwood. Shelly Duncan isn't long for this team if he doesn't show some of the power he flashed last year real soon. Betimit has no position and no bat and is Ensburg still here? They only have one bench player that can do anything productive and his name is? Johnny Damon.

Who's your pick to come up from the minors to be added to the bullpen?

Scott Patterson,  Dan Giese, Mark Melancon. Daniel McCutchen

They could use a right handed hitter and preferably one that can field the 1B position desperately. I agree with jscape2000 though---no Jason Lane.

The Bombers need to come up with another starting pitcher as some much needed insurance so what team do they look to? Could it be San Diego, Colorado or Cincinnati? Was I dreaming when SD tried to trade for Igawa last year? And I always keep my eye on that nasty lefty from Pittsburgh---Damaso Marte. His ERA is pretty high as is his WHIP, but he has 27K's in 25 IP's.

Joe Giradi said that Jorge Posada should be back in the lineup in early June. That's great news, but shoulder injuries are very unpredictable, especially one that seems to have come out of nowhere so I guess we'll keep our fingers crossed when he finally returns.