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Moves I Would Make

Going Down:

Ross Ohlendorf-  I'm a huge Ohly fan: I love the power sinker out of the pen; I prefer the young guy to the veterans; also, he's the centerpiece of what we got back for Randy Johnson (besides freedom from Randy Johnson).  But Ross is trying to get by on one pitch, the sinker, and while Wang was able to do it his rookie year, Wang never had as much trouble with his release point as Ross is having.  I know Mo is working with him on it, but I'd rather have him in AAA, where he can work on that splitter too.  He can come back when he has a third pitch to compliment the 4 seamer and the sinker.

Morgan Ensberg-  It was a good idea to see if he had anything left, but with a .202/.263/.243 line, it's time for the Yanks to choose between Duncan and Ensberg.

LaTroy Hawkins-  A $3.75 million mistake.  I thought so at the time- and while last night's game was unfair (the game should have stopped in the top of the inning), his performance has been bad: 11BB in 24IP, 25 hits and 18ER.

Coming Up:

Daniel McCutchen-  It's time to start auditioning the young guns for the 8th inning spot.  McCutchen has been a starter, so he could fall into a long man role, too.  He's due to pitch on Thursday, so I'd give him that start- if he performs well, bring him up.

Alberto Gonzelez-  Hey, somebody's got to back up short, and it sure ain't gonna be the WB.  Barring injury, he can come back to the big club in 10 days.

Chris Britton-  Since becoming a Yankee before the 2007 season, Britton has pitched 87.2 innings, 73H, 26BB, 75K.  Don't ask me why only 17.1 of those innings have been in the bigs.

Special Note:

I keep reading Jason Lane's name as a candidate for promotion.  He can play first and the three outfield spots.  He's not a basestealer (10SB, 6CS career), so in my mind, if he made the team he's Shelley Duncan without the power.  Lane hit  .171/.254/.342 in 171 ABs last season, a decline from his 2006 line .201/.318/.392 in 288 ABs.  I wouldn't consider him a candidate for promotion (baring injury).