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Thoughts from Yankee Stadium

  • Excuse me, but there's a baseball game going on at this concession stand!
      Is there anything worse than a holiday crowd? I've never seen a worse crowd at the Stadium- they're up and down the aisles; I spent half the game craning my neck around people walking to the bathroom/ beer stand; I couldn't get a "Let's Go Yankees" going in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th innings; they have no idea what's going on in the game.
      Case in point: today they started and sustained the Wave during the bottom of the eighth, with Arod on deck as the tying run.
  • Demerits for General Girardi
      Wang did a great job to recover and get through 6 innings having allowed only 3 runs in 95 pitches. I don't understand why he started the 7th, and if he did pitch the 7th, why he wasn't going batter to batter.
  • Edwar!
      Remember last season when I suggested Edwar would be significantly more effective if he was used at a 50 game pace (twice a week) rather at the 70 game pace Torre was using him? Well, he's been underexposed in the Girardi regime, and he has yet to allow an earned run (though today was close).
  • Only in Seattle
      Imagine there was a pitcher in New York who absolutely could not pitch to a particular team. Let's call him "Jose Contreras" just for fun. Now imagine that the manager brought Jose in to face the team he could not beat twice in one three game set, and wound up losing both games. We'd talk about firing the manager, right?
      So how does John McLaren still have a job after bring Arthur Rhodes into today's game? And after batting Jose Vidro (.233/.280/.361) in the three-hole all series?