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Checking in on the Deadweight

April May
Molina 52 AB .231/.231/.365 36 AB .167/.205/.222
Giambi 73 AB .164/.315/.411 44 AB .273/.431/.545
Duncan 13 AB .154/.353/.231 31 AB .194/.212/.226
Cano 106 AB .151/.211/.236 63 AB .302/.333/.444
Damon 98 AB .276/.385/.490 70 AB .257/.288/.386
Melky 87 AB .299/.370/.494 66 AB .182/.239/.273
Thoughts: I'd love to sneak a peek at Jorge Posada's progress reports- if he's coming along at anything less than top speed, I think a catcher is the most important piece not already in the system.

Jason Giambi puts up an OBP 150 points above his batting average. That, my friends, is a weapon; like all weapons it must be properly wielded. Going the other way with a double last night is a great start.

Duncan's splits against RHP: 15 AB .067/.125/.067. Small sample size, but this could be why he's a 28 year old minor leaguer.

Cano's career line is .304/.338/.478. Looking good, though I'm hoping for more.

I've never worked too hard to conceal my dislike of Johnny Damon- to my eye, his swing is a one-handed powerless, directionless hack, his range is exaggerated, and his arm is- well- garbage. Statistically, Derek Jeter is a better hitter, a better leadoff hitter, a better baserunner, and a better base stealer. In short, I'd love to bench Johnny Damon's .288 OBP for a week and see if that doesn't cure our offensive woes.

After a blistering start, Melky has cooled off so much the Yanks are putting him under the post-game spread to keep the lettuce crisp. I'm ready to call up Gardner for a week (send down Shelley) just to see what will happen.