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Quick Notes plus Joe Morgan's Hackery

Quick Notes:

How bad is it in the Bronx? Derek Jeter steals second base with a six run lead and the YES team justifies it.

The wheel begins to turn.

Cashman is on the firing line. Why can't he assemble a decent roster before the season starts?

Hank didn't get Johan so he got Joba. Who's going to pitch the eighth inning now? I guess it's a moot point when you never need one, If Joba succeeds as a starter then either another rookie has to comes up big (which is highly unlikely because of the pressure involved) or they make a trade for a pitcher.

Razy does it again and  I hope IPK watched closely. With Joba coming into the mix, the starting rotation looks like this:

Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Rasner, Joba, IPK, Hughes.

We're not certain if Hughes will be effective after he comes back from his long absence since he wasn't before the broken rib. Kennedy needs to start pitching better very soon or he won't be on the team after the break. And if Joba fails as a starter they can put him back in the pen, but if that's the case then it  probably will be too late to mean anything anyway.

Damon comes up with a big hit off a minor leaguer last night to drive in two runs. How many broken bat pop ups has he recorded this year? He's more wood for the fire.

Bring up one of those speed guys from down below and start pushing him already.

And while we're at it, throw Giambi, Duncan and Ensberg into the pile.

So what do they do to fix 1B?

OK, I had written this piece Sunday night after the game, but I've been stuck on the campaign trail so I'm a little behind.

Outside of a horrible performance by the Yankees Sunday night, I had to endure the inane babbling between Morgan and Miller right off the bat.

Joe complains that if Willie Randolph's job is under fire then the same should be said of Joe Girardi because the Yanks are in last place and the Mets are not.
Here's a little lesson in NY baseball for Morgan from last year. Something he should know as the lead talker for ESPN's signature Baseball night which has a huge research staff at his disposal if he chooses to use them.

1) The Mets had an epic collapse last year---blowing a big divisional lead with a few weeks left in September and  they didn't make the playoffs. There fans see a listless team that is barely over .500 even after bringing in Johan Santana and has played .500 ball for almost a year now..

2) The Yanks were 14 games out of first place and I think 10 games out of the wild card before they caught fire. They proceeded to post the best record in baseball after the all star break and made the playoffs for the 12th consecutive time under Torre

.Does Morgan even try to make any sense? Please stop, it hurts! They continued this embarrassing behavior all night long.

Then ESPN cut in from time to time with a few ominous reports about the Mets and Yanks with horror movie music blaring in the background. What a freaking joke.