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Makeup game to be played next month

Tyler Kepner reports that the Yanks have confirmed that a makeup game will NOT be played this weekend or the off-day on Monday.

Sounds like the plan is to have a two stadium day-night double header when these teams clash again next month (June 27 - 29).

The best news to come out of this is that the Yankee offense will be without A-Rod for two more games instead of three.  He is slated to return on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Pete Abe notes the Yanks have now reshuffled the rotation as a result of the rainout:

Saturday:  Johan Santana vs. Andy Pettitte

Sunday:  Oliver Perez vs. Chien-Ming Wang

Monday:  OFF

Tuesday:  Mike Mussina (vs. Orioles)

Wednesday:  Darrell Rasner  (vs. Orioles)

Thursday:  Ian Kennedy  (vs. Orioles)