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Let's Start Some Rumors

Last week, LateInningRelief put me in charge of finding a cheap veteran for the Yanks to pick up to eat some innings this season.

Here's a couple potential trades I'd sign off on:
Hideki Matsui plus $4 million for Randy Wolf.
Why trade an offensive asset for an injury-prone 31 year old lefty who is outperforming his career contact % by 5%?
Because Wolf is only signed to the end of this season, while Matsui is locked into the Yanks' DH spot this season and next. I haven't seen Jorge Posada throw yet- and until I do, I'm thinking that he catches maybe 90 games each year for the rest of his career. Matsui has a no-trade clause, and he would probably demand an extention. When the Yanks floated the idea of trading Matsui to the Giants, they showed me that he is not a vital piece of the long-term plan.

You know who the Mariner's DH is? Jose Vidro's emaciated .194/.248/.296.
Hideki Matsui for Cha Seung Baek and Miguel Cairo.
Now, I know the vultures are circling on the Mariners' season; I was one of those who never really thought the Mariners could outperform their Pythag by 9 games again.
I'm offering Matsui again, this time with greater hope that he will accept a trade to pair with his countrymen Ichiro and Johjima.
I'm after 28 year old Korean swingman Cha Seung Baek. He's got experience starting and relieving, and he's under team control until (I think) 2012, so he's easy to move around (rotation to pen, MLB to AAA) as the young guns develop.

I know there are other rumors swirling through cyberspace, but none of them particularly appeal to me.

What do you think? Do you a brilliant idea you want to float? Barring a deal like one of these, I'm inclined to parade out the minor leaguers and see who can cut it.