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Praying for Regression

Cano 2007 2008
BB% 5.9 6.2
K% 13.8 13.2
LD% 16.9 17.4
GB% 52.2 51.1
FB% 30.9 31.5
Don't let NoMaas fool you. Robinson Cano hasn't been the worst player in the league, just the most unlucky.
We'd expect BABIP to be LD% plus .120. Robbie's expected BABIP is .284, his actual is .156.

It's not very consoling on a night the Yankees sucked, but maybe it will help me sleep.

Seattle brings its anemic offense into town tomorrow: Bedard v Wang, Hernandez v Mussina, Silva v Rasner. We're 2 under .500 and 4 back of the first place Rays.