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The New Guy

As I get ready to sit down in the Press Box to watch the Yankees take on the Tigers in the final game of their three-game series, I figured this would be the perfect time to introduce myself to the readers of Pinstripe Alley. My name is Gaz Tavares and I am nearly positive that none of you have ever heard of me. Assuming that you haven’t, I will tell you a little bit about myself, what I do for a living, as well as what I am going to do for Pinstripe Alley. I hope you find this informative and helpful.

Well, let's see. As you already know, my name is Gaz Tavares, and I am 28 years old. I'm a huge Yankees fan, probably like most of you reading this. I have been a die-hard Yankee fan since birth, mainly because of the influence of my dad. He was also a huge Yankee fan and used to always take me to Yankee Stadium to watch games and cheer for our favorite Yankees. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

 I am a New York Yankees Beat Writer for a small paper based out of Florida. Why does a newspaper in Florida cover the Yankees, you may ask. Simple. The editor of my newspaper, John Parsons, grew up in New York City and loved the Yankees. He later moved to Florida and discovered that there was quite a few Yankee fans in the Orlando area. So he decided to start a newspaper delivering all of the news in Florida and New York. Naturally, that included the Yankees. He figured that the fans in Florida should be able to enjoy the same perks of having a Yankee Beat Writer covering their favorite team that the people in New York do. So he contacted me one day and asked if I was up for it.

What I will try to do here is give you an inside look at the Yankees and a little taste of what goes into finding that out. If this is informative, great. Hopefully it will be entertaining, too. I also plan on posting my newspaper articles on Pinstripe Alley, too. Have a question about the Yankees, the blog or what I'm writing in the paper? Drop me at an email at and I'll answer you ASAP.

Well, that's all for now. Cheers!