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Posada may not land on DL after all

Ed Price of the Ledger has the latest:

Jorge Posada said his MRI today showed a strained right shoulder and he estimated he can return in 3-4 days.

Posada said he is relieved because he feared he would need surgery.


Mark Feinsand of the Daily News was just on Michael Kay's radio show and reported that Morgan Ensberg has an issue with his knee and he could be the headed to the DL instead of Derek Jeter.

Obviously, we'll know a lot more about all of these issues when Girardi talks to the media before the game.

[Note by anaconda, 04/09/08 6:22 PM EDT ]

Pete Abe confirms mysterious knee injury to Ensberg and adds that Posada's MRI will be sent to famed uber-surgeon Dr. James Andrews for confirmation on the condition of his ailing shoulder.