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Posada likely headed to DL

As if today's lackluster performance wasn't bad enough, Pete Abe reports that Jorge Posada could be headed to the DL due to his nagging sore right shoulder.

He is scheduled to have an MRI in KC tomorrow. 

It could be worse for Yankee fans.  Wil Nieves could still be the primary backup catcher instead of Jose Molina.

[Note by anaconda, 04/08/08 10:41 PM EDT ]

Yikes.  Derek Jeter could be joining Posada on the DL. 

Chad Jennings reports that Alberto Gonzalez was pulled out of the game for Scranton tonight and just might be headed to KC to take Jeter's spot on the roster.

No matter how you look at it - today could not have gone much worse for our beloved Bronx Bombers.