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One Series in the Books

Against a Blue Jays team whose pitching staff might just be the class of the American League (when healthy) the Yankees looked pretty good.

Ok, so Mike Mussina looked mediocre- 3ER (1 unearned) in 5.2IP, but that's going to be enough for the Yankees to win most days.

Meanwhile, CMW and Franchise looked exactly the way we want them to: combined 13IP 10H 4ER.

The strong performances by Wang and Hughes has allowed the bullpen to look its best too. Joba and Mo both looked good, and Ohlendorf brought that bowling ball in from the pen to record his inning of work in only 9 pitches (2 groundouts and a K). I'm not going to get too worked up because I know Ross needs to polish that splitter, but I'm allowed to be excited any time we take 2 out of 3 from a good club.

And a good club is what we face next in the Tampa Bay Rays. The probables:

IPK against junkballer Andy Sonnanstine (who handcuffed the Yanks last August- 2 hits, 8IP).
Andy Pettitte will come off the DL to square off with former Dodgers wunderkind Edwin Jackson.
Wang will enjoy the Yanks only April daytime getaway day by facing the Rays' James Shields (whom the Yanks have owned, lifetime 0-4 8.53 ERA). I expect a pitchers' duel decided in the bottom of the ninth.