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Waiting for the O.

I was starting to let myself worry about the team's lack of offensive production, after all, they've played basically the entire season without one or more of Jeter, Posada, and Arod.

They've scored only 123, putting them on pace for a measly 738 runs- which would be a 230 run regression from last season, and light-years below the necessary projections to stay in contention.

So I looked back over the last fives seasons to see how our current April stacks up.
The worst offensive months:
2008- 123 (April)
2007- 131 (April) 968, 13.5%
2006- 118 (June) 930, 12.7%
2005- 123 (April) 886, 13.9%
2004- 104 (April) 897, 11.6%
2003- 106 (June) 877, 12.1%

The final number is the total number of runs the team was able to score by the end of the season. A perfect split would produce 16.7% each month.

The Yankees, with either older lineup playing in cold weather, have a considerable history of slow starts, especially offensively.

Our team BABIP is .282. Last season it was .318; in 2006, .315; in 2005, .297; in 2004, .285; in 2003, .295.

May will bring happier times for the offense, the team, and the fans.