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Decision Making, Information Sharing, and the NY Yankees

Both LoHud and NYTimes have posts up about Joe Girardi's secretive approach with the media.

Unlike the reporters, I don't really mind receiving less information than we have in the past. Sure I'd like constant updates on the health and availability of every player, but I've grown up watching the Steinbrenner Yankees, so I'm used to not knowing.

But I want to focus on something Joe G. said last night:
You guys ask me these questions before we have a chance to talk as a group and to my general manager... You guys are asking me to make decisions without talking to anybody.
I was wondering why Joe G. didn't just say, "Well, my opinion is this, but I want to talk to my coaches before committing to anything" or "I liked what I saw, but we're going to make that decision as a group" or something similar.

Well the reason not to say it is that he's worried about letting disagreements between manager and GM become public knowledge.

For Cashman's entire tenure as GM, he worked with an old school manager who had the support of the NY press, and a championship resume; because of this, when Joe Torre wanted something (Miguel Cairo, Jesse Orosco, Jeff Nelson) he usually got his way.

Last year's Joba Rules were a pointed break in that approach.

Joe G. came into the Yankees job with several important members of his coaching staff already in place, most notably pitching coach Dave Eiland. That's obviously a Cashman decision.

I wonder if Cashman in pulling more strings, and infringing on what Girardi feels is his role as manager. His breakup with the Marlins was over just those issues.