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Bruney encounters black cat, breaks mirror, spills salt, and walks under ladder all in the same day

Not only was last night a forgettable one for our beloved Bronx Bombers, it was an especially bad day for Brian Bruney.  Tyler Kepner tells us why:

* He had a magnetic resonance imaging exam on his injured right foot, which the Yankees fear has two torn ligaments and which will probably put him on the disabled list.

* He learned that the 18-wheeler transporting his truck to New York had an accident, and his truck fell off and sustained significant damage.

* His aunt in Oregon found his uncle not breathing, and his uncle is now in a coma.

Brian’s a friendly guy whose new attitude and early-season success have been one of the nicer stories of the first several weeks. Here’s hoping his days get better.

Because of Bruney’s foot, the elbow injury Kyle Farnsworth sustained in the 7-6 loss to the White Sox and the fact that the bullpen pitched 6 1/3 innings on Thursday, the Yankees will to make roster moves to add fresh pitchers on Friday in Cleveland.

It's a good thing today is not Friday the 13th because this guy would be coming out of retirement to finish Bruney off.

I'll post the impending roster move(s) as soon as they are available because Bruney is likely headed to the DL and I would not be surprised if Shelley Duncan is also recalled with two left handers (Sabathia and Sowers) scheduled to pitch for Cleveland this weekend.

Chad Moeller did a fine job for this club while Posada and Molina went down, but it is my opinion that the team can't afford to carry three catchers any longer and he needs to be let go.