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A-Rod injury update

Pete Abe has the latest:

Just spoke to Brian Cashman. Alex Rodriguez was in New York today and was scheduled to meet with a physical therapist to get some work done on his strained right quad.

No tests are planned. “It’s mild,” Cashman said.

A-Rod will be on his way to Chicago tomorrow morning. No word yet on whether he will play but it’s likely he will get at least a few days off.

It sounds like A-Rod will probably miss the White Sox series, which means Morgan Ensberg will be the starting Third Baseman until further notice.

While Ensberg is no A-Rod, he is no Miguel Cairo either. 

Perhaps the biggest improvement on this team over the last 12 months is their depth on the bench.  There's no telling where this team might be right now if not for the big contributions of Jose Molina, Chad Moeller, Alberto Gonzalez, and Ensberg considering the various injuries to Jeter, Posada, and now A-Rod to start the season.

It's never a good thing to have one of your key players out of action, but at least this year's team is much better suited to handle such an occurrence.