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My problem with Hank

As every PA regular knows, there is no bigger supporter of the Joba needs to be in the rotation argument than me.

That said, I was perusing ESPN this morning and Buster Olney nails my problem with Hank Steinbrenner by opening his big mouth to the NYT:



Although I agree that Joba needs to make the switch in 2008, that switch cannot be done right now.  Brian Cashman has already come out today and made that clear.  Joba has an innings cap of roughly 140-150 IP and it's best for the team to utilize him the best they can until they find a viable replacement for him in June or July.

I was a big supporter of promoting Joba to the major league club last season and helping out the pen as long as his long term future was as a starter.  He was already closing in on his innings cap and the Yanks were desperate for help.  Of course, nobody in their right mind could have expected Joba to thoroughly dominate as he did.  Hank doesn’t seem to understand that the Yanks may not have made the playoffs in 2008 without his enormous contribution.

Above all, my biggest problem with Hank speaking so “candidly” is the inevitable repercussions his words are going to have on Joe Girardi for the next two months.  Every time Hughes, Kennedy, or Moose has a bad night, you can bet the ranch that the “Joba in the rotation” question will be asked by a Kim Jones or George A. King III.

Hank’s words are a distraction and unnecessary and he should know better.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t and that’s why Hank really needs to shut up altogether and leave all public relation duties to Brian Cashman.