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Thoughts from the Stadium

Just got home from the Stadium a few minutes ago, read through all the comments, and decided to throw a few thoughts into the Intertubes before heading to bed.

So here we go, bullet point style:

  • We saw the best and worst of Melky Cabrera tonight. 2 great catches, 1 miss. A 7 pitch AB in the 3rd, a 10 pitch AB in the 6th, and then a 3 pitch K.
  • Giambi looked good in the field (for Giambi). He showed some smart baserunning and decent quickness to avoid the tag in the 7th.
  • Wang really battled himself early, but he settled down and was my star of the game.
  • The Yanks did a great job of adjusting to Halladay. The first time through the lineup they were taking a lot of first pitch strikes, but once he showed them that he was on his game, they got aggressive.
  • There's a "Regular Season Games Remaining" countdown clock at the Stadium. I don't know if they showed it on tv (I assume they would), but they had a big to-do with Steinbrenner pulling a large lever to take a number off the board once the game was official. I'm all for nostalgia; if I wanted a team that only existed in the moment I'd be a football fan. But nostalgia has to be earned, it has to be organic, and it has to be sincere. If their going to make a big show of this for every home game, it's going to annoy me more than that scratchy old recording of Kate Smith.