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'Gutless' suspension of Farnsworth

What has baseball cone to? I thought it was ridiculous when Joba was suspended last year for throwing two pitches over the Youkman's head last year and this three game suspension is another travesty. Boston hits the Yanks on a regular basis, but if a Yankee pitcher doesn't even hit a Red Sox player he gets tossed. I'll admit that the pitch was dangerous in of itself, but the outcome was harmless. Screw Bob Watson for his gutless reactionary move. Will they start suspending Yankess for throwing a few dirty looks over at the Red Sox dugout next?

And screw Steve Philips of ESPN who basically said Farnsworth was trying to murder Manny. He should be suspended from ESPN for his constant inane rants that I pay for on my cable bill. And screw all the other baseball pundits for crying over it too, I'm no fan of Kyle, but at least impose a penalty on a player when the player actually does something that results in, you know, something.