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Joba leaves team after father collapses

Terrible story from Mark Feinsand of the Daily News.  He reports that Harlan Chamberlain collapsed earlier tonight and Joba has left the team to be by his side:

According to sources, Harlan Chamberlain collapsed at his home in Lincoln, Neb. He was listed in critical condition at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, a nursing supervisor there told the Daily News on Sunday night. Chamberlain learned the news after the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Chamberlain's sister called a Yankees official during the eighth inning in an attempt to reach Chamberlain, who was in the bullpen at the time.

After the game, a source said, Chamberlain returned the call, only to learn of his father's collapse.

Sources said Chamberlain broke down in tears inside the clubhouse, as manager Joe Girardi consoled him.

Let's hope the big guy pulls through this episode and gets to watch his son continue to dominate AL hitters for a long, long time.