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The Yankees need a catcher. Jose Molina strained his left hamstring in the fourth inning, which is why he had to leave the game in the eighth.
"He sucked it up for us," manager Joe Girardi said.
Somebody's getting traded. Posada's clearly not ready to come back and catch every day.

So the question is pretty simple: who is rebuilding and/or has a catcher to spare who'll be a significant improvement over Chad Moehller?

The first name that leaps to my mind is the Tiger's Brandon Inge. Owed $18 million over the next 3 years for slightly below average production, my first instinct is to pass, especially since I seem to recall him making a stink about not wanting to go back behind the dish.

The Orioles are rebuilding, and Ramon Hernandez figures to be available; on the other hand, the third highest paid O will rake in nearly $16 million this year and next, and like Inge, Hernandez slugged below .400 last season. Pass.

John Buck of Kansas City is an intriguing name. He turns 28 this July and has never figured things out with the bat (last year he set a career high with a 90 OPS+, meaning he was only 90% as productive as the average major leaguer). I'm not really familiar with his defense, but he must have a decent arm- he caught 29 of 77 would-be base stealers the last two years (compare to 70 of 166 for Posada). Buck is also playing on his first arbitration contract ($2.2 mil), so he's only going to get more expensive for the Royals. I wouldn't sell the farm for him, but I'd offer cash plus somebody in the McCutchen/White category, a 25 or 26 year old starter who could be an innings eater or shift to the pen. File it under: unlikely.

The Giants are supposedly in the market for a lefty swinging 1B. Happily enough, I know a switch hitting infielder who rakes righties for a .266/.345/.460 line. Whether Brian Sabean would take the WB in exchange for relief from Bengie Molina's $12 million salary over 2008 and 2009 is another question (but anyone dumb enough to trade for A.J. Pierzinski deserves a phone call). Can't rule it out.

Pittsburg's Ronnie Paulino is another starter who posted a sub-.400 SLG last season. He turns 27 next Sunday, so he's close to maxing out his potential while also on the cusp of arbitration (this is his third full season). Plus he plays for the Pirates, so you have to figure he's available. For the price of an arm, I'd do it.

All that said, I expect the Yanks to just hold down the fort with Chad Moehller (AAA) and whatever they can find on the waiver wire; Posada figures to be back in a few days (or he needs to be on the DL) and Molina is signed for $2 million per year, 2008 and 2009.