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Half a Question Swap

I tried to organize a Q&A with Randy Booth of Over the Monster, but being me, I didn't get my act together soon enough for him to organize any questions for me.

He was kind enough to answer my questions, though, so I figured I'll pass along what I've learned:

Although the Red Sox did win the Series, Theo didn't feel it was necessary to make any significant offseason moves to improve the team. Did RSN generally feel this was the right approach or were there any moves or areas in particular that you wanted to see the front office address?
The only real area of concern was backup catcher. Generally, Sox fans knew Doug Mirabelli wasn't going to cut it but the market for a backup catcher just wasn't there. Finally, the Sox decided Kevin Cash could catch Wakefield's knuckleball, so they were able to cut Mirabelli and save a little dough.
An important thing to remember is the Sox didn't make any huge signings, but they generally got younger. The additions of Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz will make this team not seem so "stale."

Like the Yankees with Hughes and Kennedy, the Red Sox are relying on a couple of youngsters to fill out that rotation with Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. What kind of production do you expect out of them this season? Will you miss Schilling, or can the kids handle it?

I think Lester will have a fantastic season. I've felt this way since game four of the World Series; he showed me a lot there. Lester will finally be comfortable since his fight with cancer ended last year. He's at this stage where the cancer thing is in the back of his mind and the most important thing now is baseball.
Buchholz will be pretty good, but I don't think he'll set the world on fire. The Sox are still monitoring his pitch-count, so the reins are still there.

David Ortiz is off to a miserable start (.091/.250/.182) after Wednesday's game. Are you worried?
Not worried. He's healthy, so he just needs to hit a groove. And once he does the AL should watch out. Every player goes through slumps, he just unfortunately started his season on a slump.

Manny hustled out a triple the other day; are you seeing a new attitude in the contract year? Do you expect the Sox to pick up his option ($20 million)?
I think the Sox will and I hope the Sox will. I want to see Manny's No. 24 retired out in right field five years after his career is done.

More and more Yankee fans have taken to following the minor leagues- have you noticed a similar shift among Sox fans? Who do you have your eye on short and long-term?
I definitely see that shift. For Sox and Yankees fans in previous years, the farm systems haven't been really anything special to watch. But with talent from both systems cropping up, it's hard to keep your eyes off. Some names to watch in the Sox system are: Justin Masterson, a tall, powerful pitcher that has the ability dominate once he gets up ... Lars Anderson, the biggest home run threat in the system ... Michael Bowden, an almost clone of Buchholz.

Thanks Randy, we'll get it right next time.