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Game #11 - New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

NewYork Yankees

Melky Cabrera, CF
Robinson Cano, 2B
Bobby Abreu, RF

Álex Rodríguez, 3B
Hideki Matsui, LF
Jorge Posada, DH
Jason Giambi, 1B
Jose Molina, C
Alberto Gonzalez, SS

Chien-Ming Wang, RHP (2-0, 1.38 ERA)

Boston Red Sox

Coco Crisp, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Varitek, C
Sean Casey, 1B
Julio Lugo, SS

Clay Buchholz, RHP (0-1, 5.40 ERA)

Pete Abe reports (via Brian Cashman) that Derek Jeter will likely remain on the shelf until they make the trip to Tampa on Monday. Posada could start behind the dish sometime this weekend.

Keep an eye on Robinson Cano this weekend. Cano has the highest BA (.359) of any active opposing player at Fenway Park with at least 100 ABs.

Clay Buchholz makes his first career start against the Yanks. Chien-Ming Wang has been up and down against the Red Sox throughout his career (5-5, 4.56 ERA in 12 games, 11 starts).

Red Sox career numbers vs. Wang can beviewed here.

Tyler Kepner posted this little interesting nugget last night he found in the Boston media notes. For some unexplainablereason, the Yanks are just 9-21 (.300) against the Red Sox in Aprilsince 2001. Wow, that's not good.

On the flip side, though, the Yanks have done a great job comingback year after year and taking care of business because they are 63-38(.624) against the Red Sox from May through October during the sametimespan.