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And On

So the Yanks backs finally woke up as they salvaged the final game of the series and avoided the sweep.

And now they fly to Boston.

I could tell you about tomorrow's matchup between the red hot Chien-Ming Wang and the struggling lab-top thief Clay Buchholz; Wang has shown great resourcefulness in altering his approach to keep the Sox hitter's uncomfortable, while the Yanks have never seen Buchholz in person.

I could write 200 words about the big question mark of the series: which Mike Mussina will face the Red Sox; which Josh Beckett will the Yankees see? I gave Moose a hard look after his last start. Beckett, meanwhile, couldn't get through 5 in his last start (92 pitches).

Or I could focus on the Sunday night game (because Lord forbid that the Yanks get a getaway day game) when childhood Sox fan Phil Franchise will get his first start at Fenway against the $1,000,000 Man Daisuke Matsuzaka.

But this entertains me more: