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Scoreboard unveiled for New Yankee Stadium


(Source:  Engadget HD) 


Here's the press release and a description of the massive piece of technological eye candy:

The Diamond Vision scoreboard has 8,601,600 LED lamps and is nearly 101 feet wide and 59 feet tall, producing 5,925 square-feet of brilliant, high-definition display area. The display will be driven by Mitsubishi Electrics state-of-the-art DSC2 Digital Display Controller, providing picture-in-picture type technology with the flexibility to show one large 1080 HD image, several HD images, messages, scoring or other data simultaneously. By comparison, the scoreboard in use today at Yankee Stadium measures 24.9-inches X 32.8-inches with 486,400 LED lamps. The new Diamond Vision will be flanked by matrix signage supplied by Daktronics, Inc.

Hat tip to RAB