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PA Yankee Day-Updated

Sadly, I missed the first annual PA Yankee Day. We all saw the photos and got jealous (At least I did). This year I wanted to make sure we were far enough out in planning so that more of the crew could work their schedules and attend.

I know I'm coming from VA, and we have a couple of guys in NC. It's not terribly far to travel--especially if the company and beer is good. Heck, I'd shoot for one out of two.

I'm hoping those of you who attend games regularly step up here, do the needed homework and communicate the findings so we can all work towards making the 2nd Annual PA Yankee Day one for the ages.

Update by jscape:

Because of the Pope coming to the Stadium in April, the Yanks are going to be on the road every Sunday in April.

The most promising games seem to be:
May 4th vs Seattle
May 25th vs Seattle
June 8th vs KC
June 22nd vs Cincy

I've emailed someone I know about getting a block of tickets for any of those games. When she gets back to me, I'll pass on the info, but it would help to know who's interested. If you want in, speak up now.
Let me know if you prefer one of those games over another.