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Tyler Kepner of the NYTimes

"I don't throw really hard, but if I throw a fastball right at your knees on the outside corner, and if I repeat all my mechanics, the hitter will either give up on it or he'll swing and he'll get himself out," Kennedy said. "That's what I feel confident in: if I execute this, he'll get himself out."
Not really any new information, but some interesting quotes.
[AA catcher PJ. Pilittere said Kennedy had such command of his fastball that he could probably throw no other pitches and still succeed.
Update A quick followup with some pitching notes from LoHud:
Farnsworth has changed his mechanics (specifically when he breaks his hands) on the advice of Dave Eiland to eliminate how much he dragged his arm last season. That tended to flatten out his slider. Then thrown right, it’s a great pitch for him.
Remember that quote about the Yankees finally having a pitching coach after years of Gator? The gut check said Mussina, but upon further review Farnsworth is a great candidate.