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The Workout Regiment

It's always interested me to know which players are willing to put in the extra effort to hone their craft. Tyler Kepner has a short piece up at his blog detailing the Yankee pitchers who've really been going the extra mile:

Hughes has also been challenging himself in early workouts with Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy. A few other pitchers - LaTroy Hawkins, Jeff Karstens and Alan Horne - have also joined in.

Hughes said they've worked out almost every day since the start of camp. They start by running a mile and then doing something called "mountain climbers," followed by abdominal work, sprints and side-to-side shuttles.

Since the whole Clemens/steroid story broke I've been wondering about the effectiveness of those famous workouts. We might see the difference in Pettitte this season (assuming the Giambino hasn't hooked him up).