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'ESPN the Magazine' picks the Yanks to win East.

jscape already posted SI's take on the Yanks, but I was surprised Buster Olney published the same view in  "ESPN's the Magazine Baseball Preview edition." For the first time in many years I have to say that I find their picks of the Yankees quite surprising. With all the young pitchers in the rotation and Pettitte on the DL, I'd have to give Boston the edge even if Beckett isn't feeling all that well.  Oh, and Gammons as usual picked Boston to win the East. Check out all the ESPN writes who have jumped on the Miguel Cabrera bandwagon to win the American league MVP.

Three things for me also.

1) I think Joe Girardi was the right choice to manage the Yanks. Don't get me started on "the bugs" again.

2) I still kind of wish the Yanks had traded for Santana. I know it's been discussed here forever. Since the Mets gave up four prospects that were far inferior to what they demanded from the Yanks originally, I have to believe that if Cashman wanted Johan, he could have acquired him without giving up Hughes.

3) I love the new design of Pinstripe Alley!

The Bosses are asking for "The Trinity" to deliver a lot  to get this Yankee team into the playoffs. Especially with their limited pitch counts because of the age and experience factor, but it will make this a very interesting season indeed. And I am excited to see Hughes and IPK go out there and win at least 28 games between them. The farm system is loaded with talent this year and you can bet that the opening day roster will be different come July.