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The Opening Day Roster

One of my final posts at "Old Pinstripe Alley" covered my desire to see Joe G. take the best team possible north for the final Opening Day at Old Yankee Stadium. Joe must have seen the logic in my request, because he granted my wish.

This may only be a temporary reprieve, as someone has to be sent down when Andy Pettitte comes off the DL in a week, but for a week I will be content (it'd better be Bruney that goes).

Ladies and gentlemen (and you too, Ronster), you’re Opening Day roster:

C: Jorge, Bengie
1B: Giambi, Shelley, Ensberg
2B: Robbie
3B: Arod
SS: Jeter, WB
LF: Damon
CF: Melky
RF: Abreu
DH: Matsui
Starters: Wang, Moose, Hughes, IPK
Pen: Jonny A., Ohlendorf, Bruney, Hawkins, Farnsy, Traber, Joba, Mo

As I said before, Ohlendorf has been a starter, so he could serve as the stop gap if a game gets badly out of hand; considering the potency of the Yankees' offense, that shouldn't happen very often.