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First Demerits for Joe G?

Joe G. has his heart set on carrying a long man. I don't disagree with the concept of a long man in the pen- especially with young pitchers on the roster, having someone around to mop-up and occasionally spot start would be great.

But what if carrying a long reliever means leaving a more talented player in the minors.

The educated opinion around the blogosphere is that with Karsten's out with a strained groin. And since Igawa is in midseason form (same link), that means that the only guy experienced in sitting on his can until a mediocre pitcher is necessary is 27 year-old Darryl Rasner.

And I'm going to be upset if he makes the team because that means only one of Bruney-Ohlendorf-Jonny A.-Patterson-Veras can make the team. I'd rather see any of those guys on the team (even Bruney) than Darryl Rasner.

Patterson and Ohlendorf are converted starters, couldn't they be available for multiple innings?