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Pinstripe Alley set to relaunch Saturday

After 12 months of extremely hard work by everyone at SB Nation, we can finally see the white light.  With two days to spare until Opening Day, the migration and launch date for the new Pinstripe Alley has been officially set for Saturday, March 29th.

This major upgrade has certainly been a long time coming and the powers that be have done a outstanding job designing the new format.  I would encourage all PA readers to leave feedback regarding the new features and any bugs you may come across during this transition.

Please note that the techies at SB Nation do take your feedback and suggestions seriously because I have seen many tweaks and changes since the launch of our sister site - Athletics Nation - a few weeks back.

I'm excited about the big change and I can promise you that PA will posting much more content than we've seen in recent weeks and during the offseason.

Keep in mind that this change is new for all of us, including Amato, Jscape, and Ronster, so please bear with us while we also learn the new features because it is completely different than the current format.

Just in time for Opening Day.