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Time to Decide on Ensberg

An interesting tidbit from Ken Rosenthal:

Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long, who helped revitalize Alex Rodriguez last season, also is making a difference for Ensberg, who is batting .313 with five doubles in 32 at-bats this spring.

"It's shocking," Ensberg says. "Everything he does is so simple. He gets rid of all of your excess motions, gets you down to a good foundation.

"I used to be a guy with eight different stances and eight different hand positions. Now I'm down to one. And it took only one session, one 15-minute deal in the batting cage.

"This is the most consistent 3-4 weeks of an approach I've had in my life."

The Yanks have to decide today whether or not to add Ensberg to the 40-man, or else he can ask for his release. He's played well enough to catch on someplace else as a first or third baseman (Dodgers, O's, Giants, Mets?).

I think he'll be added. He's been wearing 21, he has a better track record than Duncan, and Ensberg can split time with Duncan or Duncan can start in the minors.

Chad Jennings:

Late news Friday night, the Yankees added third baseman Morgan Ensberg to the 40-man roster, virtually eliminating the competition for jobs in New York for all other fringy position players.