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LoHud's People to Avoid at the Park

This might be Pete A's best post ever. Some highlights:

People trying to start The Wave. The Wave is a plague on sports. It's 50,000 people saying, "Look at us, we're all mindless and we don't care about the game."
When the Wave broke out during a game I was at last season with Ed I shouted "Stop, you're better than that." Apparently, I was wrong.
There are two categories of cell-phone users who need savage beatings. First is the guy who has a friend in the crowd eight sections over and calls him so they can wave at each other. Your friend knows what you look like, bozo.
Then there are the people who sit in box seats and call their friends watching at home and wave every time the camera catches them in the background. Teams should employ snipers to wound these people.
I've never sat in the box seats to be around the people waving for the camera, so I'm more sympathetic. But I have had my view of the baseball game obstructed by an idiot standing and waving his arms shouting "Do you see me?" The stadium is round. Just walk over to him and stop bothering me.