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Who Has the Tougher March/April?

The Yanks play 11 home games, 18 away, with an off day April 1st (immediately after Opening Day) and another on April 21st after a day game in Baltimore.

The Yanks will play evening get-away games without a travel day going from NY to KC (for a 4:05 start!), KC to Boston, Boston to Tampa, then Tampa to NY (love those two game homestands). The getaway game on April 17th against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium is still TBA, but if it's an evening game at least the Yanks only go to Baltimore. Then they're back on the no rest train from Chicago to Cleveland, then Cleveland to NY against the Tigers.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox fly to Japan on the 19th and play some exhibition games before they open the season against Oakland on March 25th. After the game on the 26th they fly home. From here on they have 15 home games and 12 away games. They'll play two more with Oakland (3:35EST getaway), then have a travel day before going to Toronto (1:07 getaway), then another travel day before a 6 game homestand against the Tigers and the Yanks. They play the evening getaway game with the Yank on Sunday Night Baseball then fly to Cleveland for two (another evening getaway), then to NY for two (if that TBA game is evening it'll be another evening getaway), and home to Boston for a 7 game homestand against Texas and LAAoAoUSA. They have an afternoon game before flying down to Tampa for 3 with the Rays, a travel day, and then close the month back in Boston against the Jays.

So my question is, who has the tougher schedule?

The Red Sox go to Japan, but then have more home games, a kinder travel game times, and an extra travel day.

The Yanks play more games on the road, with late start times, and stretched of 19 and 13 (into May) games in a row.

Which schedule would you rather have? Which team will get off to a quick start? Which team will get more sympathy from Red Sox Nation ESPN?