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PA Day Followup

I talked to someone I know who could get us a block of tickets together.

Because of the Pope's visit the Yanks' only April home Sunday is Opening Weekend. So that's out.

The dates that make sense are May 4th (Seattle), May 25th (Seattle, again), and June 22nd (Cincy).

I'm trying to get a head count, so even if all the dates are good for you, please leave a comment saying so.

My preference is May 4th. PA Day was May 6th last season: against Seattle, Roger Clemens announced he was coming back, we had a benches clearing brawl (and Bruney raced in from the bullpen faster than he charges the post-game spread), Matsui got his 200th hit, and the Yanks won 5-0. Call me crazy, but I don't want to mess with karma like that.