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Catching Up

I was going to be home around 7 o'clock on Wednesday.

But then the bar called; I've never been strong enough to resist that siren song- especially when I don't have to work until after noon the next day.

Well it seems I missed all the excitement in the world.

Shelly nearly castrated Iwamura at second. Rebecca sums up my feelings on Shelly Duncan's play right there (plus she covers Syracuse basketball, too). I hope this'll be the end of dirty plays for the season. Joe Maddon was too casual in defending his player's actions, and it would have been nice for him to show some concern, but Shelley went too far. I hope this will be the end of it, but I know it won't.

Andy Pettitte's elbow was bothering him, so he didn't pitch today. You know the Yanks aren't making it up because they'd just say "stiffness" or "sore". That left elbow is the reason the Yanks wouldn't offer a ton of years to Pettitte in 2003 and let him go to Houston.

Lastly, The Bronx Block is running a contest to nickname Joba, Phil, and IPK. If you have a brilliant idea, go let them know. I'm going to stand by the Trinity- "I believe in the Church of Baseball..."