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The Value of Minor Leaguers

So I've been trying to Google some statistics on the value of drafting players versus acquiring them on the free agent market for several weeks now.

Who'd have thought I'd find the answer in an article about Ross Ohlendorf and longhorn cattle?

For his senior thesis, Ohlendorf studied the value of draft picks for major league teams. His conclusion -- which the Yankees now embrace -- was that teams generally double their investment in the draft based on the production of players in their first few major league seasons.
As for Ross, he turned to the right tutors last season.
Ohlendorf tried to learn a splitter from Roger Clemens and Shelley Duncan, who threw it in college, and he worked on it extensively in the Arizona Fall League. A reliable splitter, slider or changeup will refine Ohlendorf's repertory, and [Princeton coach and former MLB catcher Scott] Bradley says his mental makeup is strong for a reliever.
If I want anyone teach a split-finger fastball to our young pitchers, it's Shelley Duncan.